City Dog Share

I will watch your dog and you can watch mine!
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We're dog lovers

We believe that creating a healthy, supportive, active, and thriving community of dog lovers is the best way to care for dogs, protect them, educate about their needs, make new friends, and get the rest of them adopted into loving homes.

We're local

Whether you have a dog or not, start making new friends in the SF Bay Area, Los Angeles, Humboldt County, Greater Portland, and Seattle Metro. Some of our newest groups have opened in SLO, SD, Boston, Brooklyn, Tuscon, Denver, and Vancouver.

We're nonprofit

Unlike other dog-sharing companies, City Dog Share is a federal 501c3 nonprofit charity. We exist to connect people and dogs, as well as aid dog shelters and other animal charities. Any donations are 100% tax deductible and help the entire City Dog Share community.

Feel free to browse through the dogs to
see if there's one you might be able to help out!

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